Comprehensive Sanctuary/Chapel Design & Fabrication Services

an efficient "master plan" approach to interior space design & the fabrication of interior artworks, decorative elements & furnishing

Design Rendering for Sanctuary Space, Houston, Texas

Perhaps your organization is seeking to undertake construction of a new facility, or undertake interior renovations of a sanctuary, chapel or other gathering space; or you may be an architect, interior designer, or project manager seeking the assistance or collaboration of a studio to design and undertake the fabrication of interior artworks, decorative elements, and furnishings for new construction or a renovation project.  In either case, the services of Ascalon Studios would likely prove invaluable and cost effective.

Sanctuary Space, Tustin, California
Funeral Home Chapel, Cincinnati, Ohio
Ascalon Studios takes a holistic approach to the design and the adornment of interior gathering spaces.  Ascalon Studios prides itself on its ability to develop close and efficient working relationships with architects and other design and building professionals.

Given that our chief artist and design principal possesses a formal architectural background, we are able to speak a language that few visual art studios understand.

When collaborating with architects, we have the capacity to work directly off existing architectural drawings and CAD files, or we could create our own interior designs and drawings, which the project architect can then absorb into the comprehenseive project work product.  We can also produce valuable computer aided renderings, as well as hand created watercolors, of what the finished project, including art elements and furnishings, would look like.  Of course, we are not mearly designers.  We have the capacity to efficiently build and fabricate all the art elements and furnishings we design.

Chapel Space, Marlboro, New Jersey
If your organization does not yet have an architect for an anticipated project, we can recommend quality candidates for your consideration.  Alternatively, for renovations where comprehensive architectural services are not necessary, we have the in-house capability to undertake interior drawings and consult with our own architects, as needed, where architectural issue arise.  This will help assure that your budget is well-spent, and that you have the most impressive sanctuary or chapel space your budget can create.
Plan Section for Memorial Alcove, Toms River, New Jersey

The Master Plan Approach to Public Space Art & Design

Suppose your congregation is in the planning stages of a new construction or renovation project, yet it does not presently have sufficient funds for all site-specific artwork and furnishings desired.  Many congregations make the mistake of failing to have these items designed and integrated in the overall building plans during the renovation or building design process.  As a result, they may wind up with an impressive facility structure that is, unfortunately, adorned and furnished over the years through a piecemeal approach.  The result is often an interior space filled with a patchwork of disharmonic components.  Ascalon Studios resolves this problem through what we term "The 'Master Plan' Approach to Public Space Art & Design".

For a modest design fee, Ascalon Studios, through a symbiotic design process together with organization leadership and/or its other design professionals, can design and create drawings and color renderings of all art elements and furnishings that the facility will ultimately require (a "wish-list", of sorts).  Ascalon Studios can then fabricate as many or as few of these items for which the organization can presently comfortably afford, and defer fabrication of remaining items until such time as funds are available.  Typically the design fee would be credited back, on a prorated basis, as the elements are commissioned for fabricated.

This "Master Plan" process can help the organization in several important ways:

  • First, from an art & design perspective, this assures against the creation of a gathering space that comes to contain a discongruous patchwork of art elements and furnishings.  Instead, the space will, at the onset, be constructed so as to accommodate the future elements, and when the elements are eventually added, there will be an aesthetic flow and harmony;
  • Secondly, from a financial perspective, the pressure to either overextend presently or in the alternative settle for a substandard interior is eliminated.  Elements can be fabricated based on comprehensive designs, which have already been completed and approved, as the funds become available;
  • Finally, from a fund raising perspective, at the conclusion of the design process, the congregation will have, in hand, drawings and color renderings of every item in their wish list.  These renderings can be used by fundraising committees and leadership in their marketing materials to entice giving from the organization's benefactors (donors are, after all, more likely to commit funds when they can see something tangible to demonstrate what will result from the fruits of their generosity). 

Flexible Use Chapel Space, Baltimore, Maryland

If you are a congregation or other organization contemplating new construction or renovation, or if you are an architect, interior designer or project manager that wishes to explore collaboration with a highly professional and capable multifaced art and design studio, please call us toll-free at 1.888.280.5656, or fill out our Contact Ascalon Studios online form. 


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