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Ascalon Studios specializes in the implementation of truly innovative donor recognition solutions.  Our custom recognition systems can incorporate any of a wide variety of materials and artistic media.  Fulfilling your organization's practical recognition needs with an emphasis on aesthetics, Ascalon Studios' projects are anything but "cookie cutter".  With in-house capabilities to work in materials including metals, stone, glass, fired ceramics, and mosaics; and with the ability to integrate high-tech illumination systems and multimedia displays, the options are wide, and possibilities exciting.  This will assure that your recognition project is not merely an unnoticed attachment to your facility's wall.  Rather, a recognition system conceived and implemented by ASCALON STUDIOS serves as an artistic design feature that not only enhances the overall appearance of a facility, but also draws attention to the generosity of the institution's benefactors.  This, in turn, serves to encourage further giving.
The donor recognition specialists of ASCALON STUDIOS will work with your institution to arrive at a design that incorporates all the necessary practical parameters to assure the project seamlessly meets of its recognition needs.  Flexible features, such as expandability and interchangeability, can be built into the project design as required.  Since no element of the project is prefab, and given ASCALON STUDIOS' broad capabilities, solutions can be implemented that precisely address each particular client's needs.
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Ascalon Studios can create appropriate and meaningful projects to meet the needs of organizations with budgets large or small.  Our efficient design and fabrication process means the completed project will be up and running fast - earning income for your organization.  In addition to centralized donor recognition projects, ASCALON STUDIOS can also create individual inscribed plaques in a variety of materials, mission statement displays, institutional history displays, presentation awards/plaques, artistic signage, and custom cut metal lettering.  For more information, or should you have any questions whatsoever, please call on our toll-free number, 1.888.280.5656, or fill out the Contact Ascalon Studios online form.

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Ascalon Studios unveils exciting new donor recognition innovation at the AFP's International Conference on Philanthropy...
Ascalon Studios Fired Ceramic Donor Walls
Example application of Ascalon Studios' new fired ceramic recognition system.
Ascalon Studios, a leader in the creation of innovative donor recognition solutions nationwide, unveiled its new fired ceramic recognition system at the AFP's International Conference on Philanthropy.  Ascalon Studios' exciting new system utilizes durable kiln-fired materials integrating custom-designed artwork and images. Each project is uniquely and economically designed and implemented to meet the client's aesthetic criteria and practical donor recognition needs.  Projects are created through an environmentally friendly process with the option of utilizing TerraGreen(R) Ceramics, a certified recycled product.  Projects are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.  In addition to large-scale centralized donor walls, the fired ceramic technique can be utilized for the creation of history displays, as an aesthetic alternative to traditional location-specific recognition plaques, or as customized presentation gifts for high-dollar donors.

The fired ceramic donor recognition system is the latest in Ascalon Studios' array of innovative donor recognition alternatives.  For more information, contact Ascalon Studios by phone at 1.888.280.5656,  email Ascalon Studios, or click on the donor wall image above/right for an online contact form.

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