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Baptismal Stained Glass Window, Christian Stronghold Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When you commission Ascalon Studios to undertake a stained glass project for your facility, you can be assured that the finished project will be superb, both in quality of design and quality of fabrication.  Whether you seek traditional stained glass windows to compliment the classic aesthetic of an existing sanctuary, or contemporary windows to coordinate with the architecture of a new building, the artists of Ascalon Studios will work to your satisfaction. 


The fabrication of stained glass windows is a meticulous and painstaking process, that requires a high level of skill and attention to every detail.  For stained glass windows to physically endure so that they may be enjoyed for the generations in which they are intended, there can be no shortcuts.  Ascalon Studios employs glass artisans with years of experience, and a true love for their craft and pride in their work.  In addition to the quality of the artisan, the quality of a stained glass window depends enormously on the grade of glass used.  Ascalon Studios is committed to the use of only the finest materials - including hand blown antique and semi-antique glass, which are graced with desirable inclusions that capture light.  We never use the inferior colored glass that is in such wide circulation today.  When you stand before an awe-inspiring Ascalon Studios window - the reflections of light casting upon you - you cannot help but appreciate the difference quality makes.

"Creation" Stained Glass Window, Congregation Gates of Prayer, Metairie, New Orleans, Louisiana
stained glass windows ascalon studios maryland
Stained Glass Windows, Bethesda, Maryland


When selecting a stained glass studio, it is important to stay clear of hobbyists that may believe they have the capacity to tackle the job.  No matter how good their intentions, with very rare exception they do not have the ability to efficiently undertake fabrication of a large scale stained glass project.  For consistency of quality and artistic integrity, it is also vital that the studio you select to design your windows undertakes their own fabrication, and that it does not farm out fabrication.  At Ascalon Studios, all aspects of fabrication are undertaken in our studio facility, under the direct supervision of the respective designing artist.  This oversight assures consistency in quality, form and color.  At Ascalon Studios, our attention to every detail in this process is evident in the completed artwork.

In addition to stained glass windows, we are expert designers and fabricators of other forms of architectural glass art, including sand carved glass, etched glass, fused glass, glass mosaics, dalle de verre (faceted slab glass), and fired ceramic murals.  Our projects can be securely and economically shipped worldwide.  In terms of installation, we can provide the services of our own expert installers, or arrange for and coordinate with quality local contractors for a swift, trouble-free project completion experience.

If you are interested in further exploring a relationship with Ascalon Studios, or if you should have any questions or comments whatsoever, please call us, toll free, at 1.888.280.5656, or fill out the Contact Ascalon Studios online form.  After we learn a little about the nature and scope of the project you are considering, we would be happy to provide you with a no-obligation proposal.

Please enjoy our online slideshow of architectural glass art below, which represents just a small sampling of the projects we have undertaken over the years.  To begin, cick on play (">") under photo below.


Slideshow of Stained Glass & Architectural Glass Art


To begin, click on play (">") under the image below:

Ascalon Studios undertakes stained glass project for Robert Wood Johnson's "Chapel for All Faiths"...
Ascalon Studios recently undertook the design and implementation of Phase I of a leaded stained glass window surround entitled "The Presence" for the nondenominational "Chapel for All Faiths" at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The artwork was commissioned by the hospital's volunteer auxiliary. Given the nondenominational nature of the space, the client sought to convey, in the artwork, a sense of a supreme being, force, or spiritual presence without alluding to a specific belief. This was accomplished through abstract bursts of color emanating from an upper-left hand focal point, set on a background composed of rectilinear forms. This contemporary artwork was designed and constructed through centuries-old leaded stained glass techniques at Ascalon Studios' Philadelphia area studio. Materials include a combination of hand blown and specialty art glass. 

The artwork installation is part of a recently completed comprehensive renovation of the chapel, which serves the daily ecumenical and meditative needs of hospital patients, visitors, and staff members from a wide array of religious faiths and spiritual persuasions. A re-dedication ceremony for the renovated chapel was held on March 23, 2010.

Founded in 1884 and based in downtown New Brunswick (close to the campuses of Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey), Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital ranks amount the nation's leading academic medical centers.  Ascalon Studios, based in the Philadelphia area, undertakes the creation of stained glass windows, site-specific artwork, and donor recognition projects for worship, public, and institutional spaces throughout North America.


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Ascalon Studios stained glass windows