Ascalon Studios' Synagogue Art & Design Team
adorning synagogues and Jewish institutions for three generations.
For three generations now, Ascalon Studios has undertaken art and design projects for synagogues and Jewish institutions throughout North America.  As the continentís foremost multifaceted art and design firm with expertise in the unique area of synagogue adornment, the scope of the studioís work ranges from synagogue design consultation, to the design and fabrication of site-specific synagogue artworks and furnishings.  These include Torah arks and decorative ark doors in a variety of media; sanctuary stained glass windows, menorahs, and eternal lights; Torah reading tables and other bemah furniture; Holocaust memorials, as well as donor walls, and memorial/Yahrzeit displays.

Key to the success of Ascalon Studios is the fact that we are not merely designers, but rather our staff of talented in-house artisans undertakes the actual fabrication and coordinated installation of the artwork we design.  Our studio facility is an efficient environment that permits us a high-degree of oversight, quality control, and attention to detail.  The studioís experience includes over 200 major art and design commissions and countless smaller projects for synagogues and Jewish institutions.

Aesthetics and the Synagogue Project

The projects that Ascalon Studios undertake take up permanent residence in the facilities that house them.  It is therefore essential that they appear as though they were born there.  The design of arks, synagogue furnishings, stained glass windows, and other site-specific projects must respect their architectural environment.  A project that seems to be an afterthought does not appropriately honor the design, and can actually detract from the beauty of the facility.  Ascalon Studiosí award winning designers study the space and its architecture, whether a new or existing facility, and endeavor to create something that truly belongs.  There are virtually no limits to the types of materials and styles in which Ascalon Studios can work.  Given this advantage, its projects can truly integrate with the elements of the space.  A successful site-specific artwork must reference its context, and it is in this ability that Ascalon Studios is unsurpassed.

Successful synagogue art and design cannot live in a vacuum.  Its creation is a process.  Meaningful input from a number of sources is required, and Ascalon Studios excels in the orchestration of the process.  Ascalon Studios will work closely with the client and, where applicable, its architect, to assure a project that fits and works for the space. 

The images in the following slideshow represent a small cross-section of Ascalon Studios' projects for synagogue and Jewish schools throughout North America.  For more information on how Ascalon Studios can assist your with your project, whether a renovation or new construction, contact us by phone at 1.888.280.5656, or email Ascalon Studios.

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